125hr Somatic Energy Medicine – Professional Training


Meet the standards with the International Polarity Education Alliance and begin as Energy Student and receive your EPP or PTP status depending the length of training. 

  • The focus in Polarity Therapy is the relationship between spirit and matter.
  • Learn to work with the nervous system and restore energetic balance & integrity.
  • Massage Therapists, learn a style that adds longevity to your practice!
  • Spiritual approach to healthcare and the healing arts
“Our work is to release tension and resistance in the body to bring the physical into deeper harmony with the spiritual.”    -Bruce Burger, Esoteric Anatomy, The Body as Consciousness

Practice Somatic Energy Medicine:

You are protected to practice under SB577, as of January 1, 2003, California law recognizes the professional legitimacy of alternative and complementary health care practitioners and healers allowing them, for the first time, to be able to legally provide and advertise their services..

Only individuals “manipulating soft tissue” and representing themselves as Massage Therapists, Massage Practitioners and Bodyworkers, are required to meet the 500 hour education requirements of the CMTC.

I believe that working with the body “as a field of energy/consciousness” as illustrated in our text book, Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness, is outside of the laws definition of massage, “manipulating soft tissue” .  

 Learn More about California’s Health Freedom Legislation…

Somatic Energy Medicine, is Joaquin Fioresi’s expression of the work he has learned and practiced through a 7 year long and still ongoing mentorship with Bruce Burger. 
Dr. Stones, Polarity Therapy is the foundation of  Bruce Burgers book Esoteric Anatomy.
Somatic Energy Healing addresses the Soul – the animating intelligence in the body. We work with the body as a field of energy and understand the Soul as the nucleus of life’s energies. We work holistically to attune the body to the life-giving, healing resonance of the Soul.
Somatically we work with the “felt sensations” happening in real-time in the body as a particular process is being run. This helps the client to locate the area’s of trauma, tension and armoring in the body so they can focus on releasing and working through it.
Through energy balancing bodywork, somatic experiencing, energy exercises, dietary wisdom and esoteric psychology, a profound transformation takes place.
Every aspect of our program facilitates an entrainment with the healing intelligence of the Soul. 

Ongoing Courses

Somatic Sattvic Energy Balancing: 25 Hours
April 6th & 7th, Tahoe City CA
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Rajasic Energy Balancing      25 Hours  
May 11th & 12th, Tahoe City
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Etheric Core Session   25 Hours  (15 live + 10 Home Study/5 Practicums to complete)  
Feb 9th & 10th in Sausalito and June 8th & 9th in Tahoe City 

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Somatic Emotional Clearing I  50 Hours
Reframes the subconscious to clear blocked
energy, emotional armoring and trauma for health & happiness.                      
Somatic-Here we explore the ability to embody life! We will explore how to bring healing home to those in need. We will explore Etheric Plane Communication, a most effective way to create space for one to communicate with those past, present and future and find their peace of heart and mind. We will also explore Rescuing the Inner Child, here we set the table for our client to travel back as an empowered adult to a time in their lives where they felt most vulnerable and bring them back to safety. This work is very shamanic in ways and there is a lot of room for creativity, play, empowerment and lots of healing.

Our Somatic Energy Healing Program covers three two day energy balancing protocols and one Somatic/Shamanic specific class where we explore tools to help release emotional and physical tension, armoring and trauma. Our foundation is validated and steeped in yoga philosophy from the Indian Vedas, the oldest known sacred texts in the world. ‘Veda’ in Sanskrit means knowledge, wisdom, to know. Each module/immersion spurs deep emotional, mental and physical healing and spiritual clarity for the healer and the receiver.

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Joaquin Fioresi, has over 20 years experience in the field of holistic health and is considered one of today’s innovators and propagators of energy healing education.

As developer of “Healing Hands Method” a profoundly practical way to deliver energy healing touch to ones self and to their loved ones.

Joaquin was fortunate to find his mentor and Bruce Burger, founder of Heartwood Institute, and author of Esoteric Anatomy, the Body as Consciousness, the Bible of energy medicine.

As founder of Institute of Alternative and Complementary Therapy, Joaquin has taught hundreds of workshops worldwide. 

Joaquin’s mission is to empower people with the understanding that they are their best therapist. Innovation in delivery and application, through compact simplification.