Over 18 years ago Joaquin went through a profound shift as a young man while discovering meditation. He left the corporate world to help for his beloved grandfather cross over with dignity. This experience catapulted him into the depths of his own Soul, the trenches of the human experience and a continuous expedition through the healing arts.

Through his own Self healing crises and journeys he learned several techniques and modalities while surrounding himself and receiving certifications with master teachers like Barry Kapke-Zen Shiatsu of San Francisco School of Massage, Dr. Yen Wei Choong-Acupuncturist & Qigong Instructor, Candis Cantin- Ayurvedic Herbalist-Evergreen School of Herbology ,Dr. Sarah Pender-Interpersonal Communications Professor and Bruce Burger-Author of Esoteric Anatomy and founder of Heartwood Institute. Joaquin has created a synthesis of all of his time with all that he has gathered and gleaned studying and practicing. 

Joaquin founded OCEAN Holistic Therapy and Coaching  and has been teaching with his mentor Bruce Burger in Northern California leading his own retreats and traveling the world sharing his healing work and experience. Joaquin is no embarking on launching the Institute for Alternative and Complementary Therapy, under the guidance of Bruce Burger, offering a 125hr professional training in Somatic Energy Healing from a Yogic platform.           

In addition Joaquin is an accomplished singer songwriter and is soon to be releasing Mystic Threads a collection of sacred mantras he has gathered from studying with his beloved mentor Bruce Burger. Well rounded, strong and fiercely grounded Joaquin is devoted to helping humanity heal at every level. He found that working through the emotional level was the deepest way to unbind the physical and mental knots we at times find our selves in. Creating a safe space for reflection and release his goal is always that you feel present and safe in your body. Please be sure to sign up for on the email list to receive loads of free content rich material and gifts!!